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Garage Floors & More Thank you for doing a fine job on the garage floor! Please find check enclosed to cover invoice.
Sincerly M.

testimonial-april-2015APRIL 2015
You guys did a great job on the sidewalk and garage floor. Every little detail was taken care of. We really appreciate that. You are easy people to work with, and we will gladly spread the word of your excellent services.
Sue & Dave


Sept 28, 2012 from Stephen
"We recently had Garage Floor and More coat our garage floor and insatll cabinets. How pleased we were with everything that was done. The owner John Schaefer, was very easy to work with and really takes pride in his work. We never expected to have our garage looking like it does today. Thank You, John."

Patio_testimonials The idea of having an epoxy coated floor in our front patio began with my wife, and her desire to have clean, finished, dust free surface, instead of concrete. The idea became a requirement when we acquired 2 Keeshond puppies that have wooly coats that pick up all of the concrete dust and loose debris.
The decision was easy for whom to call after discussing our idea with our next door neighbor, David Norcross. Based on his recommendation and having seen his garage floor, we contacted John Schaefer at Garage Floors and More, to get an estimate. Once we had settled on the color, the job was scheduled and work began on our patio.
John completed the work on time, with minimum disruption. We all love our new floor, and find ourselves spending even more time on the patio with the dogs, than before. The surface is tough, and easily resists scratch marks from the dog toenails. It cleans up easily with either broom or hose. It is perfect for pets and people alike.
We would recommend John to anyone considering installing garage flooring or patio coating.
Richard & Sharon Good
794 City Lights, Prescott

Garage_and_Cabinet_testimonialsOur garage floor was a surprise move-in gift from a relative who's a very big fan of this product.  It wasn't something we'd have put high on our list, but after a few months of enjoying it, we now realize it should have been at the very top.  It's not just very attractive, it's extraordinarily functional, as it cleans up quickly and easily - even tire marks and oil drippings come up with just plain warm water and a mop with no scrubbing! 

Once we saw the quality of the floor, we decided to add cabinetry before we even unpacked to what was a bare garage.  The product offered is first class: attractive finishes, with a host of cabinet options and lots sturdy shelves, and very high quality and versatile hardware.  The cabinets have the very nice feature of adjustable feet for the large cabinets that can be supported by the floor as well as being securely bolted to the walls.  This permits them to be perfectly aligned and to hold heavy loads, yet to be easily cleaned under with no risk of damage from any water spills or the like.

John is one of the most meticulous craftsmen we've ever used - the kind of workmanship you would expect from someone installing custom made library furniture and expensive interior flooring.  The floor color and texture were uniform and it was perfectly and cleanly finished at the walls; the cabinetry was all perfectly aligned and level, and it was all done on schedule and right the first time.
David Norcross
782 City Lights

professional_job_note_testimonial 6/20/08
Dear John,
Thank you for a very professional job. I'm sure when our friends see it, they will want it done also. Ella & I just might entertain in the garage. It's the "Best" part of the house.
John & Ella Fredericks


future_neighbor_intersts_tetimonial 7/19/08
Your crew did a great job. Some of our neighbors may be interested.
Thanks Jim Swensen


Thanx John for doing such a beautiful job on my garage floor. If future customers ask for references feel free to give them my name.
With appreciation, Bobbie Bollinger


Pat & I decided that you deserve more than the amount on the statement for such a splendid job.
Thanks again, Ken.


Thanks John,
Garage floor looks great.
Dennis Schmock

Dear John,
I heard that the patio looks great. I can hardly wait to see it.
Thanks, Linda


Great Job On the Floor!
Mike & Dawn